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About Courtney Leigh Creations

Hello, fellow fantasy and horror lovers! Welcome to my booth at the market! So glad you dropped by to see what I have. I'm just a little designer looking for a place to settle. I was born on a tiny island far far away and grew up on an ostrich farm. Play time for me was running barefoot in desert mountains and my life was full of work on the ranch. My imagination flourished while I was riding horses, milking goats, and exploring ruins.


After working as a costumer for over 12 years and creating over 2,000 costumes for people all over the world, I have decided it's time to venture out and do something a little different. While I still design for some films and do some custom work, I enjoy creating my own designs so much. So I decided to start my fantasy costumes and art shop.

Hey! Back in the day, "Courtney Leigh Creations" started as a humble little fairy art business! I was a regular at my local faerie festival, so you could say I'm going back to my roots🦋

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