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Do you do custom orders?

I do custom orders on request. Please contact me about your ideas and we can discuss designs and pricing.

Do you ship outside the US?

I do ship outside the US. Shipping may vary as well as wait times due to customs protocols. Please note that I cannot guarantee tracking once a package has left US boarders, but a customs number will be provided as proof of shipment.

Are your Viking pelts real fur?

No. Fur mantels are made of faux fur. it's a synthetic material that resembles real fur but is animal friendly. 

​Can your fur pelts be washed in a machine?

No. Pelts should be hand washed in cold water and hung to dry. Specific washing instructions vary depending on the fur, but heat is not recommended so do not machine dry. To re-fluff fur after washing and drying, gently brush it or put it in a NO HEAT fluff cycle in your machine for a short time.

Can I expedite an order if I need it sooner?

Yes. Please contact me with requests to expedite and I will see what I can do. (May require extra fees)

What are the wait times on custom orders?

Wait times vary depending on my current work load or season. When you order, you're put in a queue and I will begin your project when I've finished orders ahead of you. Please contact me with more specific inquiries as my time frames usually fluctuate.

How often do you sell pirate hats or wasteland headdresses?

Pirate hats and post-apocalyptic headdresses are all different. No two are alike and they take time, so I list them when I have created a new design. Custom designs are available upon discussion.

Why don't you have the same pelts listed this month?

Faux fur availability varies and sometimes I cannot find the same fur twice. Numbers are limited. I list what is available, but once that style runs out, there is no guarantee it will come back to my shop.

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