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Faux fur pelts are great for accessorizing and completing costumes or cosplays for vikings, barbarians, LARP, wasteland or post-apocalyptic and more! This item is READY-TO-SHIP and completely hand made. This mantle is made from a blend of light and medium faux fur and is the only one of it's kind as this is the last I have of this particular color. Item slips over the head with a chain closure and sits comfortably on the shoulders. Chain can be detatched. Pelts fit a very large variety of sizes, but might look different on different people. Great for accessorizing fantasy costumes and cloaks!


*****Colors vary depending on the availability, so once they are out of stock, there is no guarantee they will return*****

Dark White Faux Fur Shoulder Mantle

$59.00 Regular Price
$47.20Sale Price
  • CANCELATIONS: Item orders can be canceled within 2 days of ordering. Please message me if there is an issue with your order and I will try to help 😊

    RETURNS: Items may be returned within 2 days of delivery and cannot have been used or opened. Seller is not responsible for return shipping cost and in order to receive a refund, the item must be returned in the same condition it was delivered.

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